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Skyshot Helikites TM

Now anyone can be a brilliant aerial photographer!


Skyshot Helikites fly the World's best digital cameras anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

Very low cost to buy and fly. Easily affordable to everyone.


Skyshot  Helikite Professional Action Cam Users Include:
  • Realestate Agents / Real-estate 
  • Surveyors / Surveying 
  • Scientists /Science 
  • Farming /Farmers 
  • Education / Academia
  • Events
  • Journalism / Journalists
  • Sports 
  • Military / Security
  • Profesional Photography

Helikite advantages:

  • All Weather

  • Safe

  • Quick

  • Simple

  • Inexpensive

  • Steady Flight

  • Fly Almost Anywhere

  • Excellent Perspective

  • No legal Problems

  • No need of Permissions

  • Longer Flight Time

  • Flies Itself

  • Doesn’t Crash

  • Cost Effective

Helikite advantages over a drone:

  • Easier to use

  • No License Needed

  • No need of Permissions

  • Longer Flight Time

  • Flies Itself

  • Doesn’t Crash

  • Cost Effective

NEW! Broadcast Quality 4K Aerial Video

Lifts DJi OSMO Camera

  • Gyro stabalised high quality video camera

  • Instant launch within seconds

  • Stored fully inflated in Van

  • Aerial video of events, football, sailing, cycling etc.

  • Easy for anyone, no training needed

  • Fly where drones cannot go

  • High wind capability

  • No Licences needed

  • Persistent, long term video surveillance

 The new Skyshot Helikites fly themselves & take superb aerial photographs-Automatically!

Professional quality aerial photos for everyone and videos too.

Horticulture, Bird Control, Hawk Kites, Pest Control
Skyshot Helikites




Fisheries and Farming Bird Control, Hawk Kites, Bird Control
Homes and Gardens Bird Control, Residential Bird Control
Urban, Landfill, Pest Control, Hawk Kites for Bird Control
Skyshot Advantages

Used in all Weather Conditions

Used Worldwide

Unlimited Applications


Types of Users



Prices and Discounts

Shipping Worldwide

Aerostat Challenge

Information on comparative performance of various Aerostat designs.

Results of Allsopp Helikites trials of compact aerostats.

Military Personnel, Real-estate businesses and residents use the Skyshot Helikite across the U.K., Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. It is used for aerial photographs and video for surveillance situations and border control, picture for real estate sales and surveying, festival control and many other applications. Governments and School Academics from around the world use the Skyshot for research and special projects. The Skyshot Helikite is a versatile and effective solution for quick and high quality aerial photography and video.

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