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Farmhouse Photo

Farmhouse Photo

Farmhouse Photo by Sandy Allsopp

Real Estate

Real Estate

Aerial Shot of property from 200 feet in the air.

Skyshot Aerial of Countryside

Skyshot Aerial of Countryside

Aerial Picture of English Countryside

Skyshot Helikite Advantages



Anyone can learn to safely fly a Skyshot Helikite in a few minutes. No technical knowledge required. This means that and within a few minutes of getting hold of a Skyshot Helikite, ANYBODY can be taking as good photos as the most experienced aerial photographers in the world! ANYONE can easily start a very professional aerial photography business in a single day. In fact with Skyshot Helikites they will be able to be faster, cheaper, quieter, safer, more timely and reliable for their clients than photographers relying on drones, simple balloons, manned aircraft or helicopters.


Skyshot Helikites will fly in any weather condition, from nil wind to near-gale conditions. So a professional photographer can plan his or her photo-shoots months in advance with confidence, knowing that the Helikite will fly on that day. This is hugely important for the successful running of an aerial photography business. All Helikites are far less weather dependent than any other aerial vehicle, including drones, manned helicopters, manned aircraft or UAV's. There has not been a single day in Hampshire, UK in the last ten years when it was not possible to fly a Helikite and take photos at some reasonable time.


There has never been a significant safety problem of any sort with any Helikite, anywhere in the world, ever since they were first invented by Sandy Allsopp in 1993. Not a single injury or concern. Skyshot Helikites are lighter-than-air and small. They do not fall out of the sky onto people or property. They just float away if let go causing no more worry than a weather balloon. If they bump into a building it may puncture the Helikite but it will not damage the house. Punctures are very easily mended. The cameras lifted are very lightweight and are all attached by safety lines to the body of the Helikite. Cameras can even have little parachutes attached for the ultra-safety conscious. The 'Action Cam' Skyshot Helikite even has its tiny, 70 gram GoPro Cameras encased in soft fluffy Velco and immensely difficult to pull off accidentally. It is exceedingly unlikely to seriously harm anyone even if it did somehow land directly on their head.  As long as electric pylons are avoided, which are illegal to fly near anyway, there are very few safety concerns with Skyshot Helikites. 


SkyShot Helikites inflates with helium in minutes, and then rapidly fly themselves up to 600 feet altitude, with or without wind. They can automatically take hundreds of superb aerial pictures within a few minutes. Then you just reel in and go. No other aerial photography is easier!


Skyshot Helikites are the cheapest way to do all-weather, reliable, professional, aerial photography. It is possible to buy many bigger balloons at less initial cost, but their running costs, unreliability and huge helium usage soon render them uneconomic and annoying. Skyshot Helikites are very cheap to buy initially compared to other reliable, all-weather, professional methods of aerial photography. Due to their small size Skyshot Helikites require little helium to fill. Their small size also allows them to be put in a car fully inflated, so no helium gas is lost between flights. They lose very little helium over time through the balloon material, so helium cost is minimal. Running cost per aerial photo is likely to be less than 1 cent.


SkyShot Helikites can be used almost anywhere and can be carried fully inflated in an estate car or van. The 1 cubic metre SkyShot Helikite is only 3ft 3in x 4ft 4in x 5ft 5in when fully inflated. Inflation is easy.  It uses safe, inert helium gas that can be bought in either small disposable cylinders, or larger returnable ones as preferred.















The unique patented
SkyShot Helikite is a superbly stable aerial platform compared to normal unsteady balloons, vibrating and windy manned aircraft, or unreliable kites. Skyshot Helikites provide sharp photos even on windy days. Takes superb high or low altitude shots. Highly creative video and photography is easy.


The small size, steady flight and all-weather capability of the Skyshot Helikite allows aerial photography in places never before possible. With common sense, it is easy and safe to fly within a few feet of rooftops to inspect tiles or refinery flame-stacks. It is even possible to differentiate an individual grain of sand on a roof tile. Fly between trees to get the best real-estate views. Fly down to 6ft if an artistic or survey shot requires this. Fly way up to 600ft to capture wide expanses of countryside or cityscapes. Fly in towns, countryside, parks, beaches, schools, factories, industrial areas, sports arenas. Fly pretty much anywhere kites or balloons are allowed.


No noise complaints. This is very important, both in high value neighbourhoods and also the local park. No need to irritate potential future customers or get thrown off a property whilst filming.

Skyshot Helikites allow the photographer to get physically close to the subject, or far away as preferred. This gives the perfect perspective for the situation. An aerial real-estate photo taken from a distant aircraft with a long telescopic lens has an inhuman, distant feel to it due to its incorrect perspective and often atmospheric disturbance. Colours are altered due to water in the atmosphere filtering light. The human eye/brain instinctively picks this up. The photo seems dead. In contrast, a photo taken from a Skyshot Helikite at a closer range has a vibrant, colourful, immediate and exciting feel which helps provide interest in the subject matter - vital for real-estate work or good art.
A surveyor however may want a long-range photo that no mast can provide - no problem for a
Skyshot Helikite with its ability to fly to 600ft if required.

You want to get the 'Million Dollar Real-Estate Shot' with the family plus pet dog standing in the doorway, taken from the air to show the large garden and golf course behind? How about a school sports day awards ceremony at exactly 3.15 pm? What if you want a bright landscape photo, but the sun is only appearing fleetingly from between the clouds? With a Skyshot Helikite, no problem. Photos are taken within a few seconds at minimal cost. Try arranging that with a normal aerial photographer flying in a manned aircraft at 1000ft on a day of low cloud!  You are not likely to get any change out of £1000!   Manned helicopter - £2000!

Skyshot Helikites can be flown up to useful altitudes with no problems or licences anywhere that kites are allowed. Which is most places. They can be flown with due care in towns. With easily gained air-traffic permission Helikites can be flown to great heights if occasionally necessary. Due to their impeccable worldwide safety record, air traffic controllers look kindly on Helikites. Insurance is easily gained for photographic work.

In contrast, drones are a legal minefield. In the UK all drone pilots must be licensed. Even then, drones cannot be used for professional work anywhere within the boundary of a settlement of over 1000 people. Drones cannot be flown over people, roads, canals, or any 'uncontrolled' ground. This eliminates most of the potential aerial photography work! Insurance is also hard to get due to the increasing number of crashes.

In the USA the legal side is in confusion due to an ongoing legal battle between the Federal Aviation Authority and a drone pilot. Reckless flying is not allowed. So even if legally a drone could have been flown in an area, if it crashes on property or a person then it would have been being flown recklessly by default, and therefore illegally - so not insured! Therefore the drone operator plus the company involved will be open to be sued. A 3Kg drone with a 1Kg camera falling from 400ft directly onto someone's head will certainly kill him. With no insurance, an expected compensation claim running into millions of dollars would bankrupt most people and most small companies too. Flying a drone over a school sports ground, city street or millionaires mansion is not such a good idea as it might seem at first.

We really care for our customers. We are happy to deal with questions or any problems. We are not an anonymous internet shop with just e-mail communications. We look forward to your phone calls, letters, e-mails or even personal visits to our factory and offices. Don't just take our word for it. Come and have a test flight. The worse the weather, the better! See for yourself how well Skyshot Helikites fly cameras and the great photos they take.

The SkyShot Helikite may seem very simple and inexpensive, but we believe that this unique combination of great flying capability, compact size, speed, safety, altitude, reliability, simplicity, picture quality, and fine customer service makes it the finest aerial photography system available, anywhere - at any price.



Professional quality aerial photos in almost all conditions. No need to be a light aircraft or helicopter pilot with hundreds of expensive flying hours. No Jeeps with tall, heavy masts required.  Geeky model aircraft flying skills are redundant. Expert knowledge of the intricate details of quad-copter propellers, motors, lithium batteries, chargers, radio frequencies, ground control stations and actuators is no longer needed.  Forget MHz, watts, amps, volts, RPM, power-to- weight ratios, glide angles, propeller-angle-of-attack, gyros, attenuators, voltage regulators, computer programs etc, etc...   If you just want to take superb, professional quality aerial photos without any trouble, then the Skyshot Helikite truly is a revolution.


With all Skyshot Helikites the flight is automatic. Steady, reliable. No wind, or high wind,  a Skyshot Helikite is going to fly in a stable manner, whether attached to a person or the ground. Now, with the new 'Action Cam' Skyshot Helikite even the aerial photography is completely automatic. The 'Action Cam' does everything by itself!  Skill is not required.


So absolutely anyone can be a great and safe aerial photographer within minutes of opening the Skyshot package.  It really is that easy. Simple, reliable and safe aerial photography has never been possible before.


Skyshot Helikites are not toys or unstable balloons. They are serious aerostats in miniature. Used by the Special Forces of numerous countries for various duties, they will fly in conditions which defeat other aerostats many times larger. These are professional pieces of equipment designed to operate reliably all the time. They are designed for business as much as pleasure.


Skyshot Helikites can be relied on when you need them.


Telephone direct from the USA call 01144 1725 517877 direct to our UK Evening Office.







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