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Helikite Big Bag

  1. The Helikite BIG BAG enables you to keep the Helikite in a secure bag, ready for inflation at any time.

  2. The Helikite can be stored on the ground for easy re-launching.

  3. Quick fill up via access point on the front of the bag.

  4. Secure to ground during inflation.

  5. Vented so the balloon does not over heat, but also stays dust free.

Helikite arrives on site already stored in the Big-Bag. Then the Big-Bag is staked orweighted down to the ground using thewebbing loops provided. 2 x Air Products2.61m3 “Integra” helium cylinders are stored in the Backpack.

The Helikite balloon inflation input valve is located through the hand-sized frontal hole in the Big-Bag. The helium hose attached to the Helikite balloon and filling commences. The Helikite can be observed via the draw-string closure at the back end of the Big-Bag.

Helikite is fully inflated and can be extracted from the rear of the Big-Bag ready for flight. 

Price:                               Economy Bag                        Heavy Duty/Long Endurance Bag (Fully Sealed) 


Up to 2m3                                  £150                                      £220

 3m3 - 5m3                                £250                                      £320

6m3 - 10m3                               £360                                      £430                                                      

VAT is value added tax that is applicable to the U.K. and E.U. Counties. It is not charged to customers living outside of VAT taxed countries. Sales tax my be charged for the  U.S.A., Canada and other countries by customs upon arrival.


Telephone direct from the USA call 01144 1725 517877 direct to our UK Evening Office.


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