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Users of Skyshot Helikites

With all Skyshot Helikites the flight is automatic. Steady, reliable. No wind, or high wind, any weather conditions, a Skyshot Helikite is going to fly in a stable manner, whether attached to a person or the ground. Now, with the new 'Action Cam' Skyshot Helikite even the aerial photography is completely automatic. The 'Action Cam' does everything by itself! Skill is not required.So absolutely anyone can be a great and safe aerial photographer within minutes of opening the Skyshot package. It really is that easy. Simple, reliable and safe aerial photography has never been possible before.


Using a helikite is easy and safe, no training is needed. Unlike drones, helikites are very forgiving in all weather conditions and do not crash.


  • PHOTOGRAPHERS, art, advertising, fun, learning, and philosophy.

Great aerials of art showing different angles and perspectives.


  • REALTORS, great aerial photos sells homes, land and industrial buildings far faster than normal photos. 

Within minutes, full view aerial photos of houses can be taken, providing valuable visuals of the property they are taking to market.


  • SURVEYORS, aerial photogrammetry is by far the fastest and most accurate way of measuring large areas of land.

Aerial Overviews help provide information on many projects that are unattainable from the ground, using a quick and stable platform.


  • SCIENTISTS, invaluable tools for geography, pollution measurement, biology, archaeology, oceanic science.

Stable and consistent photography showing changes to areas from and aerial view point. This means results are more easily determined.  


  • FARMERS, increase yields by using near-infra red or normal spectrum aerial photography to monitor of crops fast.

Farmers attain quick view of their plots of farmland giving insight into crops, pre-planning and production.


  • ENVIRONMENTALISTS, quick, easy monitoring of land and sea areas.

Measure oil-spills from boats at sea. They can monitor habitat destruction caused by over-farming, fires, landslides, flooding, urban sprawl, roads.


  • PLANNING DEPARTMENTS, providing quick and accurate overview of site development.

 Aids the granting of planning permission. 


  • EVENTS COORDINATORS, Wonderful aerial images of major events and gatherings.

Quick calculations of crowd sizes, behaviours, layout of venue.


  • MILITARY / SECURITY, Instant ISTAR for troops on the ground.







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