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Aerostar challenge

Aerostat Challenge!


We are very confident that Helikites are far better than other comparably sized aerostat designs. However, customers may find other aerostat manufacturers claiming their aerostats are good too. We doubt their claims, as experience tells us that other designs of small aerostats often do not fly very well in adverse weather.


Some aerostat operators and government agencies spend tens of thousands of dollars on inferior net-curtain balloons or small blimps that were only test flown in calm weather before purchase. Later they often find that in winds, dust-storms, rain or with added payload, their so-called aerostats are not flying properly, but instead they are crashing around all over the place. The problem is that as Helikites are also small, rounded aerostats we may be tarred with the same brush and so customers may tend to think Helikites will behave the same way.


What is to be done about this problem? Simple; if you wish, we can provide you one of each type of aerostat design of the same size for fair comparison. You can fly them in any weather you like to see for yourself. If you wish to return the other blimps, (which, after flying them we think you will) then we will refund you the money.


Characteristics of present above ground platforms.






High Payload Weight               Y           N             N             Y               Y                 Y                    N                 Y

Wide Area Coverage               Y           Y             Y              Y               Y                 Y                    N                 N     


Extreme Flight Duration          Y           N             N             Y               Y                  Y                   Y                 N

Safe for Operators                  Y           N             Y             N                N                  N                   N                 Y


Low Crash Rate                      Y          N              Y             N              N                  N                   N                N

Instant Deployment                Y          Y               N            Y                  N                  N                   N                N


All-Weather Operation             Y          N              Y             Y              N                   N                  N                N

All-Weather Deployment          Y                          N              Y             N                   N                  N                N                  

Autonomous Operation             Y           N             Y              N            N                   Y                   Y                         Single Person Deployment        Y           Y             N              N            N               ,   N                   N                N


Air Traffic Friendly                   Y              N              Y               N             N                   Y                   Y                 Y

Free of Radio Interference       Y           N              Y             N             N                   Y                   Y                  Y


Tough                                    Y          N             N              N             N                  N                    N                 N






















Large Blimp




Small Blimp







Simple Balloon







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